Is Lance Armstrong A Dope?

Oh, piffle. It’s not mean to ask. And anyway, the answer is no. Lance Armstong is no dope. Neither is Barry Bonds. He just understands what most people who are not “professional athletes” do not.

Professional sports is not the stuff of athletic contests. That’s what the Olympics is for (or used to be, anyway). They are live, dramatized, semi-improvised theatrical performances.

Like gladiators in ancient Rome, today’s athlete is all about the performance. They are well-paid, but essentially powerless men, whose every move is at the whim of the wealthy men who sign those large checks.

The whole thing is a freak show. Have you seen a picture of Mark Maguire’s arms circa 1998?

His triceps are as big as my ass! I mean, come on!

So dope on!

Your thoughts?




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183 Responses to Is Lance Armstrong A Dope?

    Todd Waddell says:

    Jay, I see your point. You’re argument is sound, I just disagree.

    Sports, whether kid, amateur, or professional is about people setting their strengths, knowledge and abilities against others. It should absolutely not be about who is smart enough to dope the system without getting caught. When it dissolves to that it is no longer an entertaining or fascinating story about what we can achieve.

    • I don’t really disagree with you, Todd, that sports should be as you said. I’m saying that what we call “professional sports” is not that, has never been, doesn’t aspire to be that and doesn’t want to be that. They’re just actors, whose medium is the playing field.

  1. ummmmm I agree with both of you! It’s a total freak show I mean who can run 50 miles or cycle 100. Crazy. I think that professional sports will stay “drug free” but our most amazing athletes seem to always come up as doped up. So really out of sight out of mind. They will not stop taking drugs and we won’t stop watching them test their limits so win win I guess.

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