How to Save the Economy

So the Feds are rattling their sabers at California’s medical marijuana dispensaries again.

They’re upset that Proposition 215 has been “hijacked” by the profit-motivated. Just how two-faced is our government anyway? Big pharma profits handsomely from the sale of thousands of drugs, most of which are more dangerous than marijuana. Corporate hospitals and insurance companies make money hand over fist. The entire industry profits off the misery of others.

Look, if we’re going to ban things based upon how harmful they are, then let’s face it, marijuana is low on a very long list. It’s below, alcohol, below nicotine, below acetaminophen. Below hundreds¬† of prescription painkillers. Viagra will make you blind, people! Blind!

It’s finally time for the government to grow some stones, stand up and admit that it made a mistake. Just say it. It’s okay. “We were wrong. Marijuana does not belong on this list of illegal substances. It was a mistake to put it there in the first place” There. Doesn’t that feel better? Think of the taxes! Think of the fees!

Now we can study it’s potential benefits and learn about its real dangers. We can grow industrial hemp. Once, America ran a Hemp for Victory campaign. Again, hemp can save our nation. Industrial hemp makes everything from food, oils and chemicals, to textiles, paper, plastic and fuel. Think of the jobs!

Let’s admit it. The only thing that makes marijuana dangerous is that it’s illegal. Time to wake up from our collective reefer madness.

Come on, America. Get down of your high horse and just get high.

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  1. You smoked it right out of my mouth. LOL! Agreed.

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