1776 All Over Again

Economic Injustice. Financial Oppression.

It’s a concept that many people cannot seem to get their heads around. This country suffers under the most dire circumstances to face us since our inception.

Although we all supposed have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in America, where is the freedom for those who fight month after month to keep their rents and mortgages current? To keep the lights on and the water running? How are your free if your primary concern is simply survival?

We are in black darkness and confusion.

The Occupy This! movement aims to identify and codify the nature of those injustices and set up a financial Bill of Rights that will protect every American from economic injustice in the same way the Constitutional Bill of Rights preserves every American’s right to free speech. The logical end to it is a New Declaration of Independence – only this time, instead of the Divine Monarchy, we must declare independence from the Corporate Monarchy.

Some in this country have never faced financial oppression or economic injustice. It’s really not their fault, but, because of this, they have no idea what the rest of us are going through. They have no idea how to fix it because the fundamental problem escapes them.

They are comfortable and they want to stay that way, and sadly, they see the changes that would really help the downtrodden as a threat to their way of life. And that’s true, if, by “way of life,” you mean “using money to keep a running score in life and deride and punish the losers, while granting access to the common standard-of-living to a select few.”

Of course, there’s nothing they suddenly wouldn’t be able to do, except, maybe, own another house in Greece. The rest of us might finally be able to own the one we already live in.

How do you fix America?

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