Tips to Fix a Slow Computer

So you’ve been using that PC or Mac for a couple of years, and it’s slowed to a crawl. Maybe it even burped one night and erased your collection of 19th Century Death photos.

Here are some simple tips to keep things running.

Keep your cache clear. Fully empty your browser cache manually from time to time. Get rid of the cookies and clear your search history. Most browsers have this function in the Privacy or Security tabs of the Options Menu.

Uninstall Old Programs and Drivers. If you’re not using something anymore, dump it. You can always get it back.

Create A Separate Login for processor-intensive activities. If you do a lot of video editing or gaming, create separate logins just for those functions. You may want to create one just for business applications or one justfbor web surfing. Don’t surf the web much under these logins. This will keep your important programs running smoothly.

Get A New Hard Drive. 2 Terabyte drives are coming into the $100 range. There’s no excuse to not have plenty of backup space. Keeping large video and audio files off your main hard drive will speed up access for programs.

Avoid Anti-Virus Programs and other memory suckers. These processor hogs can kill a good time. Most people don’t surf to suspicious websites very much. The best defense against viruses and trojans is to have a solid backup of your important data, and …

KNOW HOW TO REINSTALL YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM. This is the digital equivalent of changing a flat tire. If you can’t do it, maybe you should go easy on the driving. Reinstalling Windows isn’t really that difficult. I’m sure, now that Apple is using Intel chips, installing the latest MacOS isn’t too much trouble either. The key is getting your programs back, and restoring your data. Take a tour of your computer. Make a list of all the programs you need to reinstall. Don’t forget to print it before you reformat that 500GB drive that’s bursting at the seams. Find your installation disks and note your Product Code.

It’s a process, but it will often restore a sluggish PC back to factory-operating condition.

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