Something Dark Did Rise

The ugly side of America woke up and stalked innocent moviegoers. If this isn’t a wake-up call to all the gun supporters in this country, then you have to have a pretty hard heart when it comes to guns and violence.

And please, let’s not blame the movies. That fact the guy selected this movie is obviously highly symbolic, but this vigilantism ain’t Batman’s fault.I’ve already heard it on conservative radio: What they needed in that theater was someone else with a gun. Come on!┬áThis is the last situation where another gun would help. This was a theater full of laypeople – families out for a night of entertainment. Even if someone did have a gun, in that difficult environment they would have been just as likely to shoot someone else as the gunman.

A mother finds her son in the chaos.

Imagine you were there – the theater is full – mostly adults, but plenty of teenagers and even some young kids. It’s dark, smoky, the film is blaring. You realize that something’s not right. Someone is shooting. People run and scream. More shots, people bleeding and slumping over. Now, suppose you are carrying a gun. Are you going to ask yourself, “How can I, in a calm manner, so as not to attract the crazy man’s attention, get my firearm and shoot him before he hurts anyone else?” Or are you going to say “Where the fuck are my kids! Get down!”

So if you are still hard-hearted about gun control after this, I want to ask you a question: Do you want to live in a society where anyone can shoot anyone at any time? Because it seems to me that’s exactly where we’re headed.

And even if you still think guns should be readily available, surely you must acknowledge that gunsellers need to do a better job of making sure guys like that asshole aren’t able to get themselves a fucking military arsenal!

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