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Something Dark Did Rise

The ugly side of America woke up and stalked innocent moviegoers. If this isn’t a wake-up call to all the gun supporters in this country, then you have to have a pretty hard heart when it comes to guns and … Continue reading

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Praying with Lior, Part 2

I watched the second half of the film Praying with Lior (see Part 1 for a synopsis). Now (spoiler), Lior celebrates his Bar-Mitzvah and successfully becomes a man. The Bar-Mitzvah itself is portrayed in a montage fashion, answering the question … Continue reading

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Praying with Ignorance?

I started watching the documentary film Praying with Lior earlier today. Lior is a Down Syndrome child born into a devout reform Jewish family. The film centers around Lior’s preparations for his Bar-Mitzvah on his thirteenth birthday. So far, I … Continue reading

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A Pisces Takes the Plunge

As a skitterish Pisces, I can be hesitant about fully committing to anything. So here I am, jumping full-on polar-bear style into the blogosphere. Splash! From This blog will center on that undefinable singularity where philosophy, science and music … Continue reading

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