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1776 All Over Again

Economic Injustice. Financial Oppression. It’s a concept that many people cannot seem to get their heads around. This country suffers under the most dire circumstances to face us since our inception. Although we all supposed have the right to life, … Continue reading

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A Smattering of Stats

What’s the largest minority in the United States? It’s sort of an odd phrase, isn’t it? “Largest minority.” What the hell does that mean? Depends on how you characterize a minority. According to Wikipedia, “A minority is a sociological group … Continue reading

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Opening the Lines, Part 2

Continued from Part 1. The assertion of non-belief is neither aggressive nor evangelizing. Frankly, this attitude is a deep offense to most atheists, myself included. The thing that makes me really angry is that people think it’s okay to say … Continue reading

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Opening the Lines of Communication

I would like to explain why I believe what I believe. Maybe this will help you understand or deal with atheists in your life. I have found, in my personal experience, that people who disagree with me on religious issues … Continue reading

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Why Is Immigration Illegal?

This is a fundamental question for which I have yet to hear a satisfactory answer. How are we determining who is illegal, anyway? People who don’t fill out some government paperwork? This country was created to be a haven for … Continue reading

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Another Nail in Meat-Eating’s Coffin

More and more research suggests that eating animal flesh has a direct link to aging. Last month, as reported by AOL News a new study released shows that calories aside, meat consumption causes greater weight gain than vegetarian diets. Both … Continue reading

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Ben Folds vs. Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell said he had “neither philosophy nor ideology.” Ben Folds said “Go ahead, you can laugh all you want, I got my philosophy” What can I say? I agree with both of them. It’s the classic 21st Century Conundrum: … Continue reading

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A Pisces Takes the Plunge

As a skitterish Pisces, I can be hesitant about fully committing to anything. So here I am, jumping full-on polar-bear style into the blogosphere. Splash! From This blog will center on that undefinable singularity where philosophy, science and music … Continue reading

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