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Something Dark Did Rise

The ugly side of America woke up and stalked innocent moviegoers. If this isn’t a wake-up call to all the gun supporters in this country, then you have to have a pretty hard heart when it comes to guns and … Continue reading

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Is Lance Armstrong A Dope?

Oh, piffle. It’s not mean to ask. And anyway, the answer is no. Lance Armstong is no dope. Neither is Barry Bonds. He just understands what most people who are not “professional athletes” do not. Professional sports is not the … Continue reading

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American Assassination

Ah, the shooting of a sitting Congressperson. There hasn’t been an assassination in America since John F. Kennedy. Unless you count the death of Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, which some people do. This horrific incident underscores the mess that American … Continue reading

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A News Day for the Ages

A man so mad at Discovery Channel programming he actually got a gun, went to their headquarters in my old stamping ground (or is it stomping ground) of Suburban Maryland, and took people hostage just so he could complain to … Continue reading

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Psychology with Mascots

So I am a Pisces, which of course means only that when I was born, the constellation of Pisces appeared behind the sun. I approach astrology from a Holstic/Mythological/Jungian perspective. The purpose of astrology is the codification of cultural mythology … Continue reading

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A Pisces Takes the Plunge

As a skitterish Pisces, I can be hesitant about fully committing to anything. So here I am, jumping full-on polar-bear style into the blogosphere. Splash! From This blog will center on that undefinable singularity where philosophy, science and music … Continue reading

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