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A Smattering of Stats

What’s the largest minority in the United States? It’s sort of an odd phrase, isn’t it? “Largest minority.” What the hell does that mean? Depends on how you characterize a minority. According to Wikipedia, “A minority is a sociological group … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Believers

Note: This has been altered slightly to protect identities. Dear Believer, I am confused. I do not hate you because you believe in God, but many of you seem to hate me because I refuse to. I could remark on … Continue reading

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Where Awe Comes From

The vastness of the universe and the depth of literature. Looking at a picture from, say the Hubble telescope fills me with absolute awe. Imagine the power of a black hole, pulling light itself into its central maw. Now they … Continue reading

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Praying with Lior, Part 2

I watched the second half of the film Praying with Lior (see Part 1 for a synopsis). Now (spoiler), Lior celebrates his Bar-Mitzvah and successfully becomes a man. The Bar-Mitzvah itself is portrayed in a montage fashion, answering the question … Continue reading

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Praying with Ignorance?

I started watching the documentary film Praying with Lior earlier today. Lior is a Down Syndrome child born into a devout reform Jewish family. The film centers around Lior’s preparations for his Bar-Mitzvah on his thirteenth birthday. So far, I … Continue reading

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A Pisces Takes the Plunge

As a skitterish Pisces, I can be hesitant about fully committing to anything. So here I am, jumping full-on polar-bear style into the blogosphere. Splash! From This blog will center on that undefinable singularity where philosophy, science and music … Continue reading

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